image description Cook Like a Cajun.

Throughout Louisiana, Cajun households rely on Savoie’s® Cajun food products to create dishes so unique and savory, you’ll be able to taste our Cajun culture.

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-24 Savoie’s® Smoked Sausages

The original product that started it all, Cajun households all over Louisiana use Savoie’s® Smoked Sausages to create their families’ authentic dishes.

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-20 Andouille & Boudin

No celebration is complete without someone bringing delicious Savoie’s® Andouille Sausage or Savoie’s® Boudin to be shared.

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-19 Roux & Sauces

Every good gumbo begins with Savoie’s® Roux — check out Savoie’s® Savory Browning and Flavoring Sauce to enhance your next gravy, and try Savoie’s® Dip Sauces™, for a fun and lip-smackin’ way to dress up any finger food.

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-21 Savoie’s® Rice Dressing Mix

Dirty Rice is the Cajun side dish that goes with every favorite recipe and holiday meal. It’s also delicious in cornbread dressing, or any other family favorite stuffing recipe!

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-23 Savoie’s® Smoked & Seasoned Meats

From Pickled Pork to Tasso and Seasoned Pork Roast, families rely on Savoie’s® Seasoned Meats to create their favorite Cajun dishes.

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-22 Savoie’s® Seafood Pies & Ready-Prepared Meals & Appetizers

Thankfully, we understand the demands of your busy schedule – Savoie’s® Ready-Prepared Meals, Seafood Pies and Appetizers are an easy solution for any dinner, party or occasion!

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-26 Cajun Daybreak™

Get your day started the Cajun way with these tasty twists on traditional morning meals.

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-28 Cajun Singles™

For Cajun food on the go, these are quick and easy for lunch time, dinner time or any time! Ready in five minutes or less, featuring traditional Cajun and Creole recipes.

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-27 Savoie’s® Frozen Entrees

Prepare dinner for four quickly and with no hassle! A choice of two Gumbos and Crawfish Etouffee. Just add cooked rice.

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-29 Appetizers & Snacks

Start off you party or dinner with a bang by serving up some of these tasty treats! Ideal for tailgating on game days.

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-25 Cajun Dining for Two™

Prepare great Cajun meals in three quick and easy steps! (Serves 2+)

837-004 Savoie's Web Banners outlined-30 Seafood Pies

Our take on the homemade Cajun Crawfish Pie as portrayed by the late singer Hank Williams. We offer a choice of two Cajun Pies with the flavors of different types of seafood. Delicious!